10 on 10 July 2017

July 9, 2017

My parents still live in the same house where I grew up and that playhouse is the one that I played in as a kid. Mom and Dad recently repainted it and added some fun things for the kids. Claire loves it so much. She played in there for hours that weekend we stayed with them.

Summer evening under those lovely lights

Friend, Sami, through the fence

We made a car out of a Costco box. She scribbled all over it and we added a frisbee for the steering wheel. He figured out how to make it go by putting the box on some wood and wheels on the bottom. ;)

Lemonade stand with cousins

Fireworks bash at my brother’s for the 4th. Such a fun party and day (I documented it with a disposable camera here).

Up next in our blog circle is Charlotte in the UK with her gorgeous summer pics of her adorable daughters.


p.s. My mom sent us these pictures recently. The first one is my Grandpa and dad building the playhouse with my sister in the window and the second one is of my parents and brother and sister in the window.


Kristi, the thoughtfulness of your composition and the colors in your images is just stunning! I love that fireworks shot. It really just stirs up so much nostalgia for me! Beautiful set this month and I love those shots your mom sent!

Happy times, awesome photos!

That motion shot hits my heart. These are all so stunning!

Oh goodness Kristi – adore that you added the photos of the house when it was new, how lovely! Your composition is incredible – my particular favourite is the one from the top of the fence – yeah, that rocks!!

Really stunning photos! Love the one taken with a disposable camera!

How amazing to have your moms photos and yours together like this. These photos scream summer fun to me. I love your work so much!

I seriously can’t pick a favorite. They are all my favorite! I love the many POV that you took in all of these. You are so talented my friend!

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